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Union: Intimacy with Self, Other and the All (1 -Day Retreat at Spring Farm in Spring City, UT)

  • Spring Farm 50 E Center Street Spring City, UT (map)

Union: Intimacy with Self, Other and the All (1 -Day Retreat at Spring Farm / Spring City, UT)
Saturday, September 21st • 8:30am-8pm (Overnight option available, ends next day at noon)
$125 for 1-day / Additional costs for overnight stay ($55-75 depending on lodging option)

“It is in a deep and instinctive union with the whole current of life that the greatest of all joys is to be found.” -Bertrand Russell

Join us for a day of community and practice–with an overnight option–in the historic Spring City, Utah. We will be staying at Spring Farm, a stunning 1.25 acre farm/ranch in the heart of the city. There will be delicious food, soulfully prepared, communion in nature, silent meditation, music, and a curriculum designed to help you navigate your journey of growth and discovery.

Event Description:
I’m over here, everyone and everything else is over there. It seems indisputable. To be a human, to be an individual, is to be separate from others.

And yet, the Wisdom traditions have insisted for thousands of years that separation is only what life looks like when we’re not paying careful attention. When we look closer, when we learn to genuinely open our Mind and Heart, we see something quite different. We experience a profound Union and belongingness beyond anything we could have ever imagined. 

In the words of Dogen, the great Buddhist sage, “Enlightenment is an intimacy with all things.”

Join us this September for both celebration and realization of this Union our hearts long for.

Activities will include:

  • Expansive time in Nature

  • Labora (Conscious Work Practice) 

  • Guided meditation and pointing out of the Divine Union already at play

  • Lively dharma talks and boisterous group work

  • Delicious meals prepared by Tenzo Igor “Third Eye” Limansky and team

  • Music and Fire


If you just don’t want the meditation-celebration to end, stay for
the overnight option to enjoy:

• Morning Meditation + Lower Lights Sunday Sermon!
• Brunch!
• Access to the retreat center through noon


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