A 9-Month Journey of Transformation

Spectra is an experiential training program that deeply engages consciousness, personal and collective evolution, and service to the world. Our curriculum draws from ancient Wisdom traditions, cutting edge psychological science and transformational group processes.


• Do you feel called to live life from a deeper, more authentic place?
• Would you like to be a part of a community that both challenges and supports you, all in service of your evolutionary growth?
• Do you seek a path that honors the gifts of your tradition (or non-tradition) while being open to all truth?
• Are you eager to engage trusted guides, mentors and elders who have walked the path of waking up and growing up?

Spectra guides participants through a dynamic integration of the sacred and the secular. Our curriculum is uniquely complementary to virtually any tradition or belief system. Over many years we have honed an approach to catalyze human potential through cohort learning; communities of practice which tend to be 20-25 people in size. Through the cohort experience participants come to express their unique gifts more fully in their lives. Individuals also develop skill, intuition, and leadership as they learn how human collectives grow and evolve in their capacity to serve the world.

Overarching Frameworks & Curriculum

STAGES Map of Human Development:

The DNA of human consciousness: Where you have been, where you are, and your future potential.

• Learn about the spectrum of consciousness and the different stages of human development.
• Receive masterful developmental support and coaching from internationally recognized and respected mentors.
• Be held in a container and process that adapts to your specific developmental needs, themes, and concerns.
• Extend into your leading developmental edge while developing strength and robustness with your current developmental skills.
• Experience and embody both individual and collective evolution.

Integral Polarity Practice:

An elegant synthesis of states of consciousness and stages of development. A comprehensive life and awareness practice for cultivating and expressing your unique gifts in the world.

• Develop a healthy integration of body, emotions, mind and Spirit.
• Learn how to work with polarities within the self, others and change initiatives in the world.
• Collapse stress-inducing polarities into nondual “still points”.
• Access lasting flow states of inspiration and compassionate action.

Shadow to Spirit:

A unique and powerful embodied psychological program for discovering your deepest self and augmenting your spiritual light.

• Explore individual and collective shadow with a master psychotherapist.
• Learn how shadow work can create a greater space for consciousness to flourish.
• Heal the psychological wounds of the self in a way that meditative approaches struggle to address.
• Experience the power of collective healing.

Wisdom Traditions:

Discover universal wisdom patterns from the world’s great traditions both sacred and secular. Enter the imaginal field where ancestors past, present and future stand in support of your heart’s deepest longing.

• Realize an integration of ancient wisdom and modern science.
• Discern universal patterns at the roots of the world’s Wisdom traditions.
• Appreciate and integrate the power of your specific root tradition(s).
• Learn to serve and heal the secular-religious divide in your own local community.

Program Outcomes

• Connect to higher purpose and a sense of personal calling.
• Develop confidence when approaching complex change initiatives at the organizational, community and societal level.
• Build skill at thriving in complexity through accessing intuition and inspiration.
• Express leadership through presence and visionary space holding.
• Gain a working knowledge of developmental dynamics in individuals, collectives, and systems.
• Cultivate a genuine appreciation for the full spectrum of humanity: from traditional, to modern, to postmodern and beyond.
• Free up energy that is frozen in psychological shadow and redirect it toward healing in self and others.
• Draw sustenance and guidance by connecting deeply to ancestry, lineage and the wisdom traditions.


Who should apply:

Are you someone who:
Is ready to expand your container of consciousness?
Wants to challenge your own worldview and experience significant transformation?
Seeks to offer courageous service to your community and in the world?
Does not shy away from difficult inner work?
Is looking for a community that can see you and reflect back to you your higher potentials?
Yearns for an evolutionary spiritual path while integrating timeless wisdom?
Seeks to deepen their capacity for meditative awareness and presence in the world?
Wants to help your family, community, or organization take the lid off its own developmental potential?

Whether you are a committed meditator, social justice activist, soul reaching beyond the borders of traditional religions, an audacious entrepreneur, or simply a profoundly curious being, we welcome you to apply and contribute your talents to this evolutionary community. At Spectra, we are deeply committed to supporting you to more fully realize the endless possibilities of a precious human birth.


Program Structure:

• 9 months in duration (starting May 2020) 
• Four onsite retreats at Scholls Lodge in beautiful Scholls, Oregon (near Portland) 
• An intimate cohort limited to 25 participants 
• Theoretical/experiential learning, meditation/mindfulness training, transformative group processes, individual mentoring, writing/reflection, ongoing online support, tutorials, Passionate Engagement (continual real-world application)

Dates & Tuition

Retreat 1: May 5-10, 2020
Retreat 2: August 4-9, 2020
Retreat 3: November 10-15, 2020
Retreat 4: February 9-14, 2021

Tuition: $6,500 (financial aid available to qualified applicants - see application for more details)

Room and board: $1,650-$2,250 for entire program (depending on lodging choice). This amount includes lodging as well as deliciously catered meals. Cost does not include travel costs.


Application deadline: January 15th, 2020
Applicants will be notified of their acceptance to the program by January 31st.
Once accepted, you will be asked to submit a $500 deposit to confirm your spot.

Questions? email info@lowerlightswisdom.org

Lead Facilitator



Over the last 20 years, Thomas has studied broadly across the traditions: from Hindu mantra meditation, Zen and Vipassana in the Buddhist Wisdom stream, to the school of Integral, Developmental Psychology, and his native tradition, Mormonism. Most recently, he founded Lower Lights School of Wisdom, a nonprofit organization and community dedicated to reimagining faith and human transformation in the 21st century. He is an author, public speaker, developmental coach and meditation teacher.


Visiting Faculty



Terri O’Fallon, a partner in STAGES International, is a researcher, teacher, coach, spiritual director and designer of transformative containers and programs. She does ongoing research on the STAGES developmental model which supports four later levels of development. 

Terri holds a BA in Education and taught preschool through high school students. She was a public-school principal and superintendent. She holds MS in Special Education, and created services for adults with developmental disabilities. Her MA in Spiritual direction supports her coaching, and her Integral PhD in Transformative Learning and Change has supported 25 years of teaching in seven universities.

Nothing, however can substitute for life’s experience. We arise in the morning, and sleep at night. We love our families and mourn the deep pains in our lives and in the world. It is a blessing to be simply human. 

JohnKesler 2 copy.jpg


John Kesler lives in Salt Lake City, Utah and divides his time in four general ways. He practices and shares integral polarity practice, a practice grounded in mindfulness which works with polarities throughout the spectrum of one’s being and the breadth of one’s life, relationships and organizations. He is a social activist who leads a non-profit called the Salt Lake/Global Civil Network which does integrally informed social and political transformation work locally and networks globally. He also practices as a commercial transactional attorney and spends lot of time with his wife, Colleen (Freddie), his two children and their families.



Kim Barta is an internationally recognized multi-cultural psychotherapist, public speaker and workshop developer. With over 30 years experience with individual groups and systems, Kim has developed multiple programs for healing and personal growth including Shadow to Spirit, Psycho-social Cartography, and Developmentally informed psychotherapy and coaching. His undergraduate degree is in cultural anthropology. His thesis was on the uses of shamanism in modern psychotherapy. Kim is co-founder of a mind-body healing clinic and has 3 decades of experience with embodied psycho-spiritual healing. Currently kim is developing workshops, trainings, writing books and seeing clients online. He specializes in sacred secular experiential training, advanced consciousness coaching and facilitating the natural unfolding of human development.


Assistant Faculty



Michelle Larson has an educational background in anthropology and cultural studies. She has worked with a range of organizations including business, non-profit, and family systems specializing in cultural, social and process observation and change. She supports groups and individuals to find equilibrium as they navigate business and personal conflict.