Mindfulness Essentials: Course Overview

Session 1 (11:08)


In this introductory video, Thomas describes what it was that brought him to mindfulness practice at a young age. He offers a personal working definition of what mindfulness is and discusses different benefits from engaging the practice. Ultimately, mindfulness practice is a powerful tool for living life with a fullness of joy.

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Session 2 (12:30)


If mindfulness is such a life-changing practice, why are more people not doing it? And for the many people who are giving it a try, why do they not stick with the practice? In this video, you will learn some of the most common myths and fallacies surrounding mindfulness practice. Once properly understood, you will be much better equipped to engage your practice in a meaningful way throughout the rest of your life.

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Session 3 (11:21)


Everything we do in human life starts with the physical body as a foundation. In this module, Thomas offers basic instruction and wisdom around how to work with the body in a way that invites mindful awareness to naturally blossom in life.

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Session 4 (10:43)


Concentration is perhaps the most fundamental skill we have at our disposal in human life. Whatever we set out to do, whatever our intention, concentration power is what keeps us on task–learning, growing, and evolving. What’s more, modern brain research demonstrates that concentration is a skill we can cultivate. However much concentration we naturally have, we can develop even more through mindfulness practice.

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Session 5 (8:26)


To many of us in the modern world, the quality of rest can feel elusive. We almost have to take a vacation from our busy lives to get a taste of it. In this lesson, you will learn subtleties to the art of rest as well as how to access it easily and reliably. As your practice matures, restfulness becomes a quality that is present even in the most challenging of life’s circumstances.

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Session 6 (6:19)


One of the great fruits of a mature mindfulness practice is a sense of abiding happiness independent of conditions. So often we believe that the conditions of our lives need to be a certain way in order to finally be happy. Mindfulness shows us that we can start being happier–more content–beyond our wildest imaginings right now.

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Session 7 (7:26)


When people start to practice mindfulness they’re often surprised, even dismayed, at how challenging it can be to stay in the present moment. The body aches, the mind wanders–many new practitioners wash out before they really start to reap the benefits of the practice. In this critically important lesson, Thomas explains the healing process that mindfulness catalyzes and offers practical tips for allowing this process to unfold. For those who stay with it, they will come to enjoy a degree of freedom and happiness that makes the discomfort of the practice look like a very small price to pay.

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Session 8 (7:00)


Whatever stage we’re at in our practice, stillness is an indispensable tool for deepening our mindful awareness. Coming to stillness, our awareness becomes clear and concentrated. Coming into motion, we learn to preserve that quality of stillness more and more throughout the day.

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Session 9 (3:53)


In this summary lesson, Thomas suggests key elements for making continual progress on the path. In the end, you can’t go it alone. You will need your own determination, as well as a supportive community and skillful teachers to point out challenges and opportunities along the way.

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