Private Sessions

Death Coaching

Thomas’s dear friend, Mary Pitt (1980–2017), asked me him if he would hold a space of presence for her as she worked through the final stages of her life. She lovingly called the process that emerged between us “death coaching.” She inspired and encouraged Thomas to share this experience with others.

Whether any of us expect to die a physical death anytime soon, we are all constantly negotiating different aspects of death and dying; dying to a former relationship, a career, dying to former beliefs or a former sense of self.The intent of this work can be summarized with the potent words of Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas: “Come into being as you pass away.”  

In these one-on-one sessions, themes one explores can include meditation training, spiritual guidance, and developmental coaching. *Sessions can be in-person or done via video calls.

Stages Protocol Debriefs

The Stages assessment is a derivative of the Loevinger/Cook-Greuter sentence completion test (WUSCT). It is widely regarded as one of the most robust and validated psychometric instruments ever developed to measure adult development. 

The protocol itself offers significant insight into the developmental territory and themes one is navigating at a given point in life. After taking the assessment, many people find it powerful to debrief and explore the results with a trained and certified coach. 

If you are interested in having a debrief with Thomas, a certified Stages coach, please inquire at *Sessions can be in-person or done via video calls.

Formal Mentorship

For serious and dedicated students of Thomas, these sessions emphasize Integral Polarity Practice as developed by John T. Kesler, which includes meditation training, developmental coaching, and psychological healing (or shadow work). These sessions are offered by invitation only. If you are interested in becoming a formal student, please contact us at
*Sessions can be in-person or done via video calls.

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Payment is on a sliding scale for all private sessions (with the exception of the stages debrief). Our intention is to help make this service accessible to those with limited resources. Please choose the option that best fits your circumstances: